Become a member of Helloworld Travel Limited

Agency members of Helloworld Travel Limited become an integral  part of a dynamic, contemporary brand. As an integrated travel business, Helloworld Travel offers each member access to an exceptional array of travel services and products from around the world, with the significant bargaining power across every sector that comes with being part of a substantial Trans Tasman network.

As a member, you’ll be joining a forward-thinking organisation with established systems, software and support. You’ll be offering your clients the very best-value deals, the confidence of an immediately recognised brand with a first-class reputation and the pleasure of working with an award-winning travel network that delivers superior service to every customer.

We have a network to suit any member need.

Our Australian networks are:

• Helloworld Travel Branded

• Associate

• Helloworld Business Travel

• My Travel Group

• Mobile Travel Agents

• Magellan Travel

Our networks in New Zealand are:

• Helloworld Travel Branded

• Associate

• My Travel Group

• The Travel Brokers

Helloworld Travel Limited values its greatest resource—its people. Members of Helloworld Travel are more than just members.

We’d love to have you on board, to find out more about becoming a member of the Helloworld Travel Limited group today, contact us.

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