AIR Consolidation Brands

Air tickets

Air Tickets provides travel agents and airlines throughout Australia with an award-winning, one-stop solution for international airfare distribution and ticketing services.

With highly trained and skilled teams located in all major Australian capital cities as well as Auckland, NZ, Air Tickets provides international and domestic airfares and ticketing services for more than 100 international airlines to travel agencies Australia-wide.

Founded in 1949 under the name Concorde Travel, Air Tickets was introduced as a brand in 2009. Today it is part of Helloworld Travel Limited and offers fast, accurate service and solutions to thousands of travel businesses across the globe. Air Tickets continually works on developing products and services to help streamline the complex business of ticketing.


Technology platform SmartTickets is the industry leader in ticketing facilities. Its advanced functionality delivers a user-friendly ‘point and click’ system to enable travel consultants to complete ticketing, reissues, refunds and revalidations online and with ease.

Intuitive, simple to use and supported by a dedicated helpdesk, SmartTickets offers customers 24/7 accessibility as well as guaranteed ‘no Agency Debit Memos’ (ADMs)*.

Express Tickets

Express Tickets is a service focused consolidation division backed by an advanced fares and ticketing technology platform. A market-leading consolidator providing travel agencies, tour operators and OTAs with an efficient, easy-to-use airfare and airline ticketing solution.