Corporate Social Responsibility at Helloworld Travel Limited

Underpinning our business at Helloworld Travel Limited is a commitment to corporate social responsibility—that is, making a positive difference to our people and to the world. This applies across all of our businesses, brands and networks, no matter where they are.

At Helloworld Travel Limited we pride ourselves on our approach to our social responsibility and focus our efforts across three pillars: People, Environment and Community.


Across our organisation, we believe in the power of treating people with respect and dignity. We’re committed to operating under ethically and economically responsible principles.

These include:

– Committing to an inclusive workplace that embraces and promotes diversity across gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability and cultural background.
– Providing cultural-awareness training to our employees.
– Adhering to anti-bribery and corruption legislation across all markets in which we operate.
– Not employing children under the age of 15.
– Ensuring wages and benefits paid for a standard working week satisfy national legal standards or local-industry benchmarks in the business location.
– Determining that no forced, bonded or involuntary labour is used in or in connection with our operations or supply chain.
– Providing emergency-services leave and defence-services leave to our serving team members.
– The UN Global Compact: The Helloworld Travel Group has submitted its application to join the UN Global Compact, as a sign of our commitment to uphold its principals across human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption practices.


As a travel business, we want to help protect the world and all its incredible destinations. We aim to tread lightly upon the Earth, wherever we operate.

Our environmental initiatives include:

– Carbon offsets. In 2016, Helloworld became a fully carbon-neutral travel-management company by investing in Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets with Carbon Neutral, effectively ensuring zero greenhouse gas-emissions for all Helloworld offices. These offsets are covered by 100-year carbon rights and a carbon covenant that follows the Kyoto Protocol. Helloworld Travel Group also partners with Qantas to offer carbon offsets to leisure-travel customers.
– Environmental services. Helloworld’s partnership with Carbon Neutral also offers clients environmental consulting services, including emissions measurement and impact-reduction plans.
– Paper reduction. All our employees are encouraged to avoid and reduce printing, and are supplied with recycled paper.
– Recycling. It’s not limited to paper recycling: all our office buildings also promote ink cartridge, toner and coffee-pod recycling facilities.
– Energy efficiency. Wherever possible, we select buildings that are rated Nabers 4-star and above for energy efficiency. Motion detectors are installed to operate lights in most of our offices.
– Green Building Council of Australia. To cement our commitment to reducing our impact we became a member of the Green Building Council of Australia in 2012.
– World Animal Protection. We partnered with WAP in 2016 to work towards ending the suffering of wild animals forced into tourist entertainment and ensure the venues and activities we promote work to the highest animal-welfare standards.


Helloworld Travel Limited takes immense pride in helping bring about positive change, whether it’s in our members’ immediate communities or society as a whole.

As a successful business we believe it’s crucial to give back and help encourage others to grow towards a flourishing future. We are extremely pleased to be involved in the following enterprise initiatives:

– Indigenous scholarships. Helloworld have partnered with Group Training Northern Territory to provide scholarships, mentoring and training for Indigenous students undertaking the Diploma of Travel and Tourism.
– Tourism traineeships. Helloworld also offers paid traineeships to Northern Territorians, providing them with training, practical experience, a nationally recognised qualification and a start in the industry.
– Employee volunteer programs. Helloworld Travel Limited team members are encouraged to join volunteer programs. Staff are involved in a wide array of programs including Oz Harvest, Red Cross Community Visitors Scheme, Animals Australia, Surf Lifesaving and Youth Off the Streets.

We encourage our team members to recommend local groups they care about that we can help support with our Helloworld Travel Community Fund. Across our member network we proudly contribute to more than 3,000 charities.

Which include:

– The School of St Jude, Tanzania. A remarkable boarding school set up by Gemma Sisia, an Australian, it provides a life-changing education to some 2,000 disadvantaged students. Over a long history of involvement, Helloworld and The AOT Group have donated in excess of $180,000 to this inspiring institution.
– Anangu Communities Foundation (formerly the Mutitjulu Foundation), Northern Territory. Via ongoing support to the foundation, Helloworld Travel Limited works to improve the wellbeing of the Anangu people in the Northern Territory.
– Humpty Dumpty Foundation. More than 300 hospitals Australia-wide benefit from the foundation’s purchase of life-saving equipment.
– Make-a-Wish Foundation. Transforming the lives of children battling life-threatening conditions, the foundation helps make their dreams come true.
– The DANII Foundation. The organisation supports the more than 140,000 Australians living with Type I diabetes, the fastest-growing chronic disease in Australian children.
– St Vincents Foundation. Its gala ball raises funds to improve care across the many vital departments of Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital.
– CARE Program. Carers Queensland provides support for unpaid family carers.
– World’s Greatest Shave. The Leukaemia Foundation’s iconic fundraising initiative.
– Camp Quality, New Zealand. The charity brings fun and hope into the lives of kids living with cancer.